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Welcome to Beulah, Michigan

Please be advised - the Mandatory Run Water Advisory has been terminated!   See "Notices" below for further information.

The goal of this website is to provide basic information about the village, village goverment, community and local businesses. We have defined our residents in several catagories including:

  • Permanent residents.
    They own a home(s) and land in the village and make Beulah their year round home. This is their voting residence.

  • Seasonal residents.
    They own a home(s) and land in the village but have a permanent residence (voting) elsewhere.

  • Frequent seasonal visitors.
    village of beulahThese folks know about and come to Beulah on a regular basis and rent vacation properties or reside in temporary housing as in trailer or campsite locations.

  • New seasonal visitors.
    First time visitors to the area that have heard about the area and are coming here for the first time on business or on a vacation.

Special Notes and Links


The Run Water Advisory that was in effect beginning March 2014 was terminated on 15April14. A note regarding this will also be included in each water bill.

Cold Creek Incident Summary - Report of April 2014 Cold Creek Incident

There are plenty of things to do year-round in Beautiful Beulah Michigan.

firecracker race race finish in beulah

During the summer and fall, come and enjoy the Firecracker Race and Marathon.

Fall and Winter are when the pumpkins, cider and Christmas Elves come and visit.

parade fans more fans

Everyone loves a parade. The Independence Day Parade through Downtown Beulah attracts thousands of visitors.



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